Album Review: Sound Liberation – DAYS (March 2014 Release)


Literally one of the best Hybrid Hip Hop/R&B/Electric music albums we have ever heard.  Having an opportunity to review “DAYS” by Sound Liberation before the release date, we were more than privileged after listening to such a diverse quality project.   A new and much-needed respect for this group was gained by us (Hip Hop Heads) especially for the type of usual Hip Hop we listen to on a daily basis.   To blend in humorous conscious Hip Hop rhymes, Jazzy uptempo + low tempo beats, Superior Production with heavy orchestra style acoustical flavors, Quality Overwhelming R&B vocals (Chanda Rule) & Heavily Electric sounds who would have known ingredients like this would create such a memorable and comforting album to vibe out too.

Sound Liberation was created to catch the attention of not just Hip Hop heads, it was created to capture Jazz, Electric, R&B and orchestra/Composing fans as well, making this album overly diverse which is a huge PLUS in our book.  We are positive when this album is launched it will be an instant success and become a true CLASSIC  Album for all music fans to enjoy.  Tracks like “Make Sense“, “Need“, “Breath“, “Tragic” & “Loan Sark” are all songs we recommend any Hip Hop/Music enthusiast to check out when the Album drops in March 2014…………………………

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