Alpha Audio – “We Live To Tell” (Album Review)

Rock infused with Hip-Hop has been a trend since the 80s. Looking to make a real return, newly formed 4-part band known as Alpha Audio makes it’s debut with the introductory EP, entitled, ‘We Live to Tell’. A rowdy Hip-Hop front backed behind a equally rowdy live band looking to provide a refreshing new sound to today’s trends.

‘We Live to Tell’ is a 8-track birthing experience for the band and discovering new listeners. The ideal of the debut EP is a shock and awe vibe as the tracklist exhibits a wide variety of sounds that fans can grocery shop the favorites and sample new appeal.

The newly conjoined experience lyrical states of flux throughout the project as they iron out their organized chemistry. Their best tag-team effort performs effectively the most on “Psychadelic Pimp”. A track that requires the band to deliver witty, catch phrase friendly lyrics that assist the others ego.

Listen to “We Live To Tell” LP below.
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With production being majority a live extremely loud orchestrated sound, the production lacks a mood as it is safe to that the experiment made sure to not dive to deep into a dark or lighter sound for it’s first attempt. Heavy drums throughout the entire project, the band found themselves unaware of their potential audience and played it safe, while watering down a signature identity for themselves.

‘We Live to Tell’ is a formidable body of work at best but the audio undoubtedly falls short to live up to alpha status. Surrounded by lyrical pitfalls, bad beat selection, contradicting chemistry among the newly formed group, ‘We Live To Tell’ is a trial effort that provides the necessary adaptions for the forthcoming follow up project. Much needed minor twitches set back the band’s debut attempt that can be more less depicted as a false start.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Great Debut Album

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