Pay Tollz Drops New Track “Another Day”

Brooklyn Hip-Hop artist Pay Tollz releases a new record produced by Blitz BK and BillzDiggler called “Another Day”. This smooth lyric driven single felt like a dedication to women general. The substance of this record carries it through along with light hearted punch lines and formula delivery. At 1st glance of the artwork I see NY and its fast pace environment creating that hustle perception, another thought was of waking up in the morning seeing the opportunities for being in love. The raw approach screams Brooklyn with a gentle overtone and crisp delivery.

The BK artist exhibits core Hip-Hop elements as his rhyme pattern is consistent and solid. Tollz begins his verse “It gets better by the day kiss me where it hurts it get better right away a small piece of you makes my world a brighter place before I go to sleep I pray just another day with you ” and the coldest soul sample to finish the bar ! You can tell Pay Tollz lyrics are poetry driven and emapthic. The beat was melodic allowing Tollz to warp around it has he please giving it that classic boy bap we all love.

Tracks like this take us back to the very essence that we all stand for in HipHop, having fun and spreading love . We look forward to new music by Pay Tollz as I hear he’s gearing for a brand new ep not yet announced. stay updated with the Brooklyn Emcee Pay Tollz on social media and streaming networks.

UGHH Rating 7.5

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