Barbaydose – “Future Reminiscent” (Album Review)

Rising Bay Area group Barbaydose drops a new project titled “Future Reminiscent“. The ten track album is a cohesive body of work with spiritual elements and revolutionary overtones. At 1st glance the cover gave me epic feels like something needed to be payed attention too. The Chemistry between the artist seems seamlessly as the 1st song kicks off “Wiseman”. I was defiantly impressed with the substance and content of the song using uplifting lyrics with hard hitting bars in one punch. The visual concept of the 3 wise man makes the symbolic value much more important, especially when the lyrics are poetry in a sense.

Next on the roll call is “UNI-verse ALL” 1st off I liked the triple meaning and when the production started to play it took some of today’s elements and mixed yesterdays boom-bap and transcended them together. The high intensity track was a chance to show off their stellar rhyming skills, The wordplay was the most engaging element with a chemistry unmatched. The back & forth verses added a dynamic touch we see a lot in the game but not done successful. I appreciated the content from a fan standpoint and it excite me for the rest of the album.

The sample in “Rare Breed” was just that a jewel, the stylistic approach reminded me of the 90s gave me a masterful feel these artist have a lot of time in the dungeon you can tell by musical delivery and wordplay. “Future Reminiscent” started with an epic sonic sound with the sample of on bone thugs so I expected nothing less than to come with it. The spiritual content mentioning Oshun shows the depth of the groups content. The hook is a bit dry doesn’t match the song to well and I would have to say not the most cohesive verses but stellar terminology.

“Different Translations” was based on the process of evolution as you grow. It also touches on money not changing the person but the person changing what the root of there evil is. The group touches on having the will to make dreams become reality. The Low tone rap voice matches the 1st rapid flow adding dynamic. The production on “Moonstones” was smooth along with the wordplay starting the song setting the tempo for the 2nd half of the album. What I live about this group is the visual concepts they created wishing I can have a more intricate songs along with the lyrics. “Run It Fast” was fast pace track I can see be licensed in films. The verses seemed to long like the styles should have switched. The hook came in but ended up dry like a couple of other tracks on the album. Instead of slow delivery I would recommend rhyme against the beat.

“Louder” sounded like a horror film from the start the them gave me chills like Jason was going to pop out and decapitate you.”Bars” was just that a collection of bars and concepts no actual source but just exhibition. “Start at The Ending” sounded like it should be one of the 1st ranges we heard the production is flawless and the delivery I can imagine an intense video for this audio. With bangers like this Barbaydose will be a problem for a long time. Follow them on Instagram @barbaydose.

Rate: 7/10

Highlights: Content & Substance

Dislikes: Song writing & Arrangement

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