Brian Bars Burns – “Back Home” EP (Album Review)

Phenomenal new artist Brian Bars Burns from the city of New Orleans now based in Los Angeles drops his 1st EP “Back Home“. I was blown away by the intricate rhyme schemes from the beginning, the confidence behind each bar manifested his world right in front of my eyes. Burns begins the EP with a timeline of the evolution and de-evolution of HIP-HOP, this shows the intention of the “Back Home” EP bringing the real HIP-HOP heads back to the beginning where it started.

The 1st cut is titled “Back Home” produced by Promethatfiend, as the title of the EP it definitely sets the tone for the album. As the song began the lyricism was an automatic hook. I loved the way each word complimented the other as the smooth delivery ran like fluid water.

Flower of Life produced by Zane begins with a snippet from the legend Bruce Lee. The Magic behind this song created a reflection of the introspective artist as he continues to take the listener deeper into his world. The Kendrick Lamar sample was well placed as Brian Bars let his emotions guide this record accompanied by smooth production.

“Jazzy” produced by Case G was the next track on the “Back Home” EP, it was the new school & old school all in one. Brian Burns’ sonic sound is able to transcend generations, I’m interested to see how this musician evolves over the years as he has a great confidence in his words and concepts. “Jazzy” contained a positive message that upcoming generations need to value based on the state of HIP-HOP at the current moment. It’s one thing when the kids love you but when you can make the old heads smile too you can go a long way. “Swedo” is like a continuous wave from “Jazzy” as it contains a lot of the same elements but with a new hook.

“New Orleans” track featuring vocalist Brie Marie and produced by AP was meant for the city. Brian Bars implemented storytelling making this track that much more powerful, I especially like the emotion behind each bar giving it an amplified feel.  As the EP winds down “Music Of The Mind” produced by Thovo set the tempo as the synthesizer blends with the drum baseline precisely, and as usual Brian Bars comes with the intricate rhyme & delivery topping it all off. The concept behind this record will make for a dope visual I’m hyped for the future of Brian Bars.

“Taking it Back” Produced by CD Moura keeps the theme of the project as the instruments move the vibe into melodic heights. Brian Bars added the elements off HIP-HOP in the outro the same way he went in. The poetic wordplay is ruling this album defiantly, I had to give each song a couple spins to digest.  The New Orleans raised artist is ready to make a real mark in the game NOW, Check out the new album on Bandcamp “Back Home “ Follow on Instagram & Facebook for music news & updates promise if you love lyrics this is for you. !!


Highlights: Lyricism

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