Buddah Abusah – “Buddah’s EP” (Album Review)

Rising new Canadian artist Buddah Abusah comes out swinging with his self titled EP “Buddahs EP”. The trippy landscape sets a mellow high vibrational tempo that Bussah Abusah rides effortlessly. The album begins with “Green grass” where the artist shows off his wordplay and sarcasm, the concept of the song is moving to new levels. “You need a shrine I need a shrink, if I ever cross your mind then don’t blink” the lyricism shows his heightened thought process. “Too Much” comes right in with a true hippy vibe, the production creates a smooth waterfall sound wave perfect for reflection and meditation. The hook falls right into the tempo of the beat where the listener repeats the words because of the repetitive formation of the song alignment. Buddah exhibits HIP HOP at it’s finest by being himself and creating an original unique sound.

“My Show” continues the album’s groove but this time an uptempo commercial vibe fine tuning the sound into a fuller experience. The main attribute of the song is creating a movie with the scenes of life, Buddah Abusah fashions an environment where the only option is to strive. The lucid sound also reminds me of old school and new school mixtures of Gang Starr and Kendrick Lamar. Next as the compilation continues “Slow a Hippy Down” my personal favorite on the EP because of its raw lyricism and street vibe. The visual created in the mind was abstract and free-flowing, you can hear the substance spill like water after a flood, the smooth wordplay made it out to be a fluid ride.

“Paper Boy”  featuring TU was another track that demands attention. Buddah Abusah shows the channeling of Danny Brown into another mind-altering sound scape that has elements of south influences mixed with midwest vibes. The point in HIP HOP is to relay feeling and expression and Buddah Abusah accomplished just that. “HomeTown Hero” is relatable to all who journeyed out to make their dream happen, the young artist expresses how sometimes the city can’t thrive together in unity and the best option is to leave in order to create a better path.  This entire Ep has a powerful side to it that can be innovative when united with the right visuals. The album concludes with the smooth epic vibes of “Escarpment” Buddah Abusah saved the best for last as the sample amplifies the Canadian artist’s wordplay. This album is recommended to HIPHOP enthusiast through our network. Follow Buddah Abusah for new music and updates.

Highlight: Voice & Lyricism

Rating: 8.0

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