SONG REVIEW: Earl Sweatshirt – Sasquatch (ft. Tyler, The Creator) ///


Earl Sweatshirt – Sasquatch (ft. Tyler, The Creator)

This is one of the better songs off of Earl Sweatshirt’s new album Doris. I always enjoy when Tyler and Earl collab, aka EarlWolf. I can definitely see them doing a collab album at some point down the line. Their flows and writing styles are pretty different, but they manage to play off of each other’s strengths remarkably well. If you enjoy Sasquatch I’ve also reviewed some of my other favorite songs off of Doris, which includes Hive, Whoa, Chum, and Knight.

“Got some One Direction tickets, I should hit that up. Drive by with puppy signs plastered on the truck. Then see how many of they fans could fit inside the trunk.”

“Non-cooperative with his momma’s wishes for college, and coppers labeled a problem since paying for Damianos. So shimmy through the swamp, nigga, follow me through the fox holes. Moral Orenthal with a pretty bitch in a Bronco.”

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My Song Rating: 8.8 out of 10

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