Flee Lord & Pete Rock – “The People’s Champ” (EP Review)

Flee Lord is a 36 year old emcee from Queens, New York & one of the hardest working people in hip hop today. Dude dropped a total of 5 projects last year & since this past February, he’s been putting one out every single month with the previous being Alter Ego Fleeigo Delgado. To kick off the 2nd half of this run, Flee is starting to bring the big guns out by enlisting the revered Pete Rock for his 10th EP.

The intro starts out with Lord talking how he’s living in the danger zone over a menacing instrumental & then the song right after “Stuck on a Grip” talks about his plan to become rich over a boom bap beat with a whimsical loop. The track “Surfin’ wit a K” talks about how he never caps over a forlorn instrumental while the song “24 Hollows” proclaims himself as a top dog over a rugged instrumental. The track “Different Options” talks about how he’s gonna always bring it home whether it be going independent or major over a ghostly instrumental while the song “Retired from the Sniffy” is a short yet killer freestyle backed by a boom bap beat with a dope ass piano loop.

The track “Job Done” talks about how he’s still moving in the hood over a slow instrumental while the song “Mini Mac on the Fridge” talks about he be spitting facts over a jazzy beat. The penultimate track “Givin’ Ya my View” is essentially his opinion on the George Floyd protests with a dismal instrumental & then the EP finishes off with the outro, where Flee Lord starts bragging about where he’s at today on top of a Bollywood-influenced beat.

This guy’s been one of my favorite NY spitters for about a year now, but he really outdid himself on this one because this is his best body of work yet in my personal opinion. Lord keeps taking his pen game to a higher level & Pete Rock completely knocks it out of the ballpark on the boards.

Score: 9/10

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