George Khouri x Robert Avellanet – “Changes” Pt. 2 (Single Review)

DMV rising Hip-Hop artist George Khouri & Robert Avellanet release a tribute song to Tupac Shakur called “Changes” Pt.2.  The melodic hook with both a Spanish & English versions shows in depth the dedication to the late artist. Tupac Shakur passed away on sept 11 1996 as one of the greatest Hip-Hop artist of all time. His inspirational songs and realest mentality has been infectious even 20 years later selling over 5 million copies the USA alone eventually going 9x platinum.

Pacs impact on the world is deeper than just music, His revolutionary approach inspired evolution and change from a whole generation . George Khouri is one of those seeds cultivated through the memory of Tupac Shakur creating music with substance and a message. The lyrics displayed in this song are delivered at rapid fire One of Pacs famous quotes include “I’m not saying I’m gonna rule the world or I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the brain that will change the world. And that’s our job, It’s to spark somebody else watching us -2pac.

This quote has mobilized actions and cultivated countless movements including Nipsey Hussles “The Marathon” or even the ideas behind mastermind artist like Kendrick Lamar. Kdot wrote a song on “To Pimp A Butterfly” called Mortal Man the 12 min song includes a convo with Tupac, The song was about the dedicated fans who love you now while you’re on top but will they always be there through out your career. We find this a common theme in entertainment when the media controls the perception of your brand but Pacs brand is moved by the streets, George Khouri  inner-stands this concept writing a Gem for Underground we look forward to more music from this artist as he cares how the game unfolds. Follow George Khouri for more music visuals and updates.

Rate 6-10

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