Illanoise – “East Coast Aint Dead” Album (Review)

Illanoise - East Coast Aint Dead (Album)

Finally some real music we can all appreciate!  Illanoise releases this very impressive album titled “East Coast Aint Dead“, a deep street knowledge driven album speaking on true real life situations.  His lyrical output is extremely original along with his cadence and delivery.  Illnoise incorporates 21 tracks with every song holding its own when it comes to quality.  His talent for this Hip Hop game is very impressive, its hard for new MC’s to stand out in this over-saturated game but clearly this dude is on a whole different level.

Lets dive into this album head first.  “People To The People” is an extremely powerful track shining the light on the negative ways people are help back in this country.  Really its an awakening revolutionary track if you know what I mean.  Another track that caught our attention was “Everything” which can literally take over the radio as we speak!  Maybe the track that stood out the most was “Broken” definitely a song that all dudes could relate to when it comes to relationships.  Overall this album by Illanoise will catapult him to the top when it comes to indie Hip Hop!

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