Jamal Jordan – “The Cost Of Living” EP (Album Review)

The Bay Area is hot right now for discover trending new artists. Rising Oakland-based underground Hip Hop recording artist Jamal Jordan drop his new self-proclaimed ground-breaking EP, titled, ‘The Cost Of Living’.

“The Cost of Living” tells the story of the rising star maneuvering throughout the Bay Area music scene while confront the chip on his chest that life presents. In the mist of personal turmoil and Bay Area long history of injustice, Jamal Jordan issues a statement throughout the EP that his skills is what game is missing and he is the next biggest thing since the return like 45.

With dominating tracks like “Audience” and “Needs”, lyrically, Jamal Jordan is creatively persistent, confident, and enticing. His intro, “Part 2” is empowering for a highly-anticipated EP. An exciting appetizer to a highly-anticipated main course in a full length album. Many will be able to identify with Jamal’s “Best Thing”, a smooth finale that’s bouncy motivational message of story-telling of a youngster ready to take on the world.

Listen to “The Cost of Living” EP below, courtesy of SoundCloud & Spotify!

While the Bay Area has it’s dangerous surrounding, it also has it’s unique culture that Jamal Jordan depicts brilliantly artistic throughout the EP. Giving listeners an image of encouragement and intrigue to take a trip to the area of the Golden State Bridge. ‘The Cost of Living’ is Jamal Jordan best work to-date from a conceptual point-of-view.

In the end, there is no denying that Jamal can rap his ass off—that much was confirmed after one play-through of the new EP. Following the 5-track effort, it’s assured that the Bay Area-native has more in him than just straight bars. Telling his own Bay Area story from the millions but through new high-energized flow, different hooks, and an advanced way of making new age Hip-Hop. Only time will tell if Jamal has what it takes to truly become one of the biggest new acts of the year but if nothing else, he’s putting his best foot forward.

Score: 7/10

Highlight: Lyricism

Follow Jamal Jordan on Twitter: @JamalJordanCOL

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