Jibba The Gent – “The Broccoli Tree” (Album Review)

Fresh out of Springfield, Vermont, Jibba the Gent is drawing out his road to the top with the release of his latest project known as ‘The Broccoli Tree‘. In reference to the addicting substance that is quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar business. Jibba interwines his childhood memories and Hip-Hop on the new 15-track effort. Known for his lyricism and homage to the conscious elements of Hip-Hop, Jibba unveils his most personal body of work to-date.

Jibba on ‘The Broccoli Tree’:

The Broccoli Tree is an actual tree from an old property I grew up on. It represents my childhood and good times when the world was fresh and I felt like I could conquer it. This album was made to inspire people to try harder in life to achieve their goals and never give up.

Jibba content on the album story-tells tales of his precious daughter (“Charlee’s Song”), the personal struggle (“I’m Dead”), and the rise of greatness (“Do It For My City”). The life of Jibba features guest appearances from his clan of fierce emcees including: Robin Marie, Yung Breeze, Jun Fargo (Junum), Gorgeous Slim, Madscatta, Fury, Arthur Reid, Noah Jones, and Vazy.

Througout the album, you will discover that Jibba is a proud student of the game as he attempts to best himself throughout trial and error on every track. An impressive lyricist, Jibba is in a grey area between becoming a mainstream sensation and underground great. Sitting on the launching pad, Jibba is only one more catchy words together just to match away from lighting that fuse to spark his superstardom.

From a production standpoint, ‘The Broccoli Tree’ is deeply rooted in that classic golden age familiar Hip-Hop that will be appreciated and refreshing to the ears. Delivering a sense of story telling similar to a film with a build up, climax, and conclusion score you would find in a award-winning play. Bringing out the effect of Jibba wordplay and making it more dramatic depth in every word that is spit on the mic.

Listen to the complete album here:

The Broccoli Tree by Jibba The Gent

Jibba is a well-deserved lyricist out of the sticks and his flair for greatness shows throughout the album. Jibba is quickly realized to have a very witty flow that highlights his comical tone and gives off a convincing vibe to fans. Jibba spits his best lyric on the album cut, “Maple Syrup”. A speedy bouncy metaphor filled representative 16 that will leave fans thoroughly impressed.

‘The Broccoli Tree’ has some clever metaphors, inspiring samples, and great lyricism. The wide range of production and overload of guest appearances interfere with the direction of the project. Jibba the Gent is a talented emcee but is often drowned out by guest features on his own tracks. Seasoned production, spicy hot punchlines, and cinematic elements makes ‘The Broccoli Tree’ a great hearing pot of gumbo that is unable to satisfy the ear as it needs a little bit more flavor to make perfect.

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Rating: 7/10
Highlights: Crafty Lyrics

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