Joey Pappas Raps About Emotional Numbness In So Cold


Joey Pappas is an emerging Pop / Hip-Hop artist hailing from Adelaide. From a young age, Joey has challenged the status quo, having been born into a religious cult where her voice and self-expression were stifled. Since breaking free from those constraints, she’s been on a mission to prove that regardless of your upbringing, you hold the power to change your circumstances.

Joey channels her experiences into her music, aiming to empower others to recognize the validity of their own voices and emotions. Her transparent lyricism invites listeners to reflect on their own stories, blurring the lines between her narrative and theirs. Through her artistry, Joey Pappas is not just making music; she’s igniting a movement of self-discovery and empowerment.

Joey Pappas’ “So Cold” is a chilling reflection of emotional numbness and existential dread. The haunting melodies and atmospheric instrumentation draw listeners into a world of isolation. Pappas’ raw vocal delivery and poignant lyrics offer solace to those lost in their own emotional ice, finding strange tranquility amidst the chaos. This track stands out for its emotional depth and its ability to connect on a profound level, making it a powerful piece for anyone navigating their inner shadows.

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