Kawan – “Realness101 vs The Pain Reliever” (Mixtape Review)

Connecticut’s Kawan has spent 2017 building a devoted small army of fans with his trailblazing new sound. Armed with a conscious lyricism fueled by real-life situations and social awareness, Kawan is slowly invading his neighboring popular New York music scene. Looking to stay true to himself all the way to the top, Kawan unveils his new mixtape, ‘Realness101 vs. the Pain Reliever‘.

Constructed of 24 brand new songs from the “U.N.I.T.Y” recording artist. A track list of that size is often rare, especially for a commercial release. Tricky at times with the general public’s short attention span and looking to be amazed instantly with no build up or downfalls.

Confident, Kawan sticks to the script and never changes up the entire project as he allows his astonishing creative wordplay razzle dazzle. On songs, “Talking Real”, “Fall”, Dat Real”, “Life” and “F*Ck 12”, listeners get polished metaphors, woke verses, and continuous satisfaction leading into song after song.

Never forgetting his musical roots of traditional freestyles, unleashing vintage Pacquiao fury of punchlines on off the rip tracks like, “Everytime”, “30Hours”, and “Real Friends”. Kawan shows and prove through his hitman bars that he is an artist you should definitely get familiar with now. ‘Realness101 vs. the Pain Reliever’ could have been received strictly a cappella and be equally as impressive.

Thanks to great tracklist structure, Kawan’s 24-tracks durate smoothly. Mixing commercial content between freestyle interludes, the projects is intriguing on many different levels from beginning to end.

Listen to complete mixtape below.

Kawan is an astonishing talent with a promising career behind the mic. “Realness 101 vs. the Pain Reliever” is his defining moment creatively as he gives the listener all of him on this project. Loaded with refreshing gritty street elements, Kawan paves his own path to the top and leaves the competition in the rear view.

In conclusion, Kawan’s latest effort is impressive, catchy, and the perfect jumping on point for any newfound fan wanting more of signature underground Hip-Hop.

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Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Production, Punchlines

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