Mic Murderers – “ProjectMM” Album (Review)

Mic Murderers - "ProjectMM" (Album)

Dark, Mysterious, Creepy, Storytelling, Poetry, intellectual, I can go on and on.  “ProjectMM” by Mic Murderers (Heresy and Kollapse) is an album that caters to true Hip Hop head from all across the world.  This Hip Hop duo offers more than just Hip Hop,  they bring raw aggressive storytelling with a comic book feeling and references.  These lyrics are truly creative and something completely different to say the least.

Let’s mention the production as well, all beats have their own story coexisting well the Mic Murderers anthem.  This album has 10 solid tracks of real defined underground Hip Hop which makes us very excited knowing Mic Murderers are thinking outside the box.

Probed” is by far the trippiest track on this album, with some extreme knowledge and substance that is really at a top-notch level.  Another song that struck my core was “Depression“, which has a great fundamental sound but still embraces the Mic Murderers theme.  Overall this album will be added to our collection and I highly recommend taking a few hours out of your day and check out this project.  This group is truly protecting the true meaning of Underground Hip Hop!

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