Montshodaw – “The Realms… Realm 1: I’ma Rise.” (Album Review)

Montshodaw/The Realm… Realm 1

Rising underground sensation out of Mississippi, Montshodaw is emerging into a must-hear recording artist with previous success. Eager to continue his stride, the promising star releases his new album, entitled, ‘The Realms… Realm 1: I’ma Rise.‘ Ready to become the top prospect in music, Montshodaw comes before his peers and introduces himself with southern etiquette.

‘The Realms… Realm 1: I’ma Rise.’ is a 12-track nationwide introduction for the rising star. An introspective project that indulges into the deep south that hasn’t been explored since the mid-90s. Montshodaw address the current climate of cultural conflict that occurs daily in Mississippi along with the enriched history of the state.

Montshodaw defines his new album in his own words as:

“I would like for the project to be received in the light common unity. I would like for people to be able relate, connect, or see some part of them or their life in the project. And be able to see the folly in some ways living. If that can happen or if revelations are received by the listener in any way that they think can improve their lives I would consider that a success. I would like the project to engender the desire to overcome elements of estrangement and opposition in family relationships and inner conflicts of understanding within the listener’s own mind about emotional responses to life situations.”

Listen to ‘The Realms… Realm 1: I’ma Rise.’ single “Sunny Day” below, courtesy of SoundCloud.

Click Here to listen to the entire album.

Watch Montshodaw latest video, “Black Rose” below, courtesy of Vimeo.
[vimeo 259621478 w=640 h=360]

The album production is filled with that traditional deep rattling bass made infamous in the 90s and early 00s. Familiarizing the new generation with that old school truck rattling custom they grew up on adding a revamped twist for the new school. An acquired taste for those in the outer regions that will be enjoyed briefly but will evidently fall short in replay value. But admired for not transition to a more commercial approach and swimming comfortably in that deep end of street music.

Montshodaw lyrically has an old soul with his vintage high volume sound. Rowdy, high energy, and gritty, the rising star studied a vintage hit-making formula influenced by the elder statesmen of the popular dance-friendly sound. Authentic with his mentality, Montshodaw recites a style that is story-telling non-fiction and amplified with undeniably catchy hooks. Montshodaw will have you happily reminiscent of the ringtone era of Hip-Hop that made this style a phenomenon.

Overall a proper title to fit the album’s mood, Montshodaw takes listeners into unfamiliar territory and successfully guides with superior execution and attention-grabbing direction. Filled with concrete hard rhymes and unique blend of southern flavor, Realm is a proper introduction for new listeners ready to experience a side of the south that is rarely exhibited. Well established in his style, Montshodaw delivers a must-hear project that is an awesome jump-on point for any listener ready to take this journey with the Mississippi newcomer.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Style

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