PsiloSage – “Dior Psilo” (EP Review)

PsiloSage is a rising artist coming to us from Inland Empire, California. Following up on the success of his 2019 tape “Spore 2”, he has just released his brand new album “DiorPsilo“. With this record, will Psilo be able to become a distinguished force in the underground scene, or will he stumble into mediocrity?

Having a unique style is something many are derived from in the modern scape of music, but PsiloSage is not one of them. From the intro “SeaShore” it can be drawn that Sage relies on the instrumentals to carry him while his vocals serve as more of a backdrop. While this may sound unappealing to some, it is very interesting to watch playout. The self-titled track “DiorPsilo” shows the California mc at his pinnacle as we see him switch between quick bursts of rapping and harmonizing. The features from guys like Cj TopOFF, Ssunno, and the notorious Lil B add layers to the record as they have more of a lyrical presence than Sage. “Based in Space” was a definite highlight as PsiloSage raps about his troubled life, and the Lil B feature is the icing on the cake. While Sage’s is intuitive, it can still drag at times, which can be seen on tracks like “Dark Sky Freestyle”, which suffers from his basic nursery rhymes. Overall, if you are looking for an enjoyable alternative hip hop experience, PsiloSage is the guy you need!

Behind the boards, the entire record is thrown together. Mostly utilizing spacey and psychedelic production, the album will make you feel otherworldly during its running time. “Sunshine” and “SiorPsilo” are two cuts in which the instrumentals steal the show due to their beauty and dominance. Almost every song has a multi-layered soundscape, which contains changes in tempo, drum patterns, and the placement of various samples inside the record. “We Vibin'” was a standout as it utilizes powerful synths to engulf the listener in its beauty. While there is a lot of good to say about the sonicality of the record, it still comes with its flaws, which mainly consists of the occasional generic instrumentals and poor mixing. All in all, the production will offer listeners enough to stay entertained. 

In conclusion, “DiorPsilo” is a solid record, but PsiloSage lacks what every genuinely great hip hop artist contains. The problem is that he hasn’t fully developed his style yet, and his weaknesses are too visible. On top of poor mixing and dull vocals, this is something which needs to be improved upon. On the bright side, PsiloSage is still very young, and he still has loads of time to improve on his craft. Be sure to follow @psilosage to see where this talented young artist takes his career!

Rating: 6/10

Highlights: Production, Style, Vibes

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