Royal Ruckus – “The Summer Of The Cicadas” (Album Review)

Royal Ruckus - The Summer Of The Cicadas (Album)

Hip Hop duo, Royal Ruckus out of Bakersfield, CA recently dropped their latest album titled “The Summer Of The Cicadas”.  Consisting of 30 songs!  That’s right, 30 full songs, jam-packed with extremely unconventional Hip-Hop which makes this group that much more special!  Their sound is super original, positive and uplifting with humor that nobody can match in the game today!  You can hear their experience and passion right off the bat!  Their sound is extremely vivid, articulate and most importantly, full of real substance and a message!  To be honest, there were songs that made me laugh and songs that were straight up BANGERS & underground Hip Hop classics in my book!  Just goes to show Royal Ruckus’s range when it comes to solid original music and sticking to their lane!

Packed with heavyweight features with artists like Pigeon John, Krum, Joey the Jerk & Cookbook of LA Symphony, Eligh of Living Legends, Jeremiah Dirt & more! The most surprising feature of them all, one of my favorite MC’s of all time ManChild of Mars Ill!  Man!  I grew up listening to Mars Ill religiously!!!!  These dudes completely break the typical stereotype of what traditional modern Hip Hop should sound.  This is real Underground Hip Hop, being able to do what you love and stick to your lane!!

Much respect to Royal Ruckus for doing what they do best since 1998! There is no reason to not peep this project out!  If you’re a real underground Hip Hop head like myself, there will definitely be a place in your collection for this album!


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