SS – “Year Of The Slave” (Album Review)

Year Of The Slave“, the debut album by Los Angeles based rising Hip Hop artist SS gives a whole new meaning to his catch phrase “For My People!”. With the over saturation of new era rap that many who visit our site stay away from, this project gives his growing fan base and our followers refreshing new material that can be used for daily motivation and inspiration.

Since premiering his stand out intro single “Rodeo” and dropping his exclusive Mic Session we’ve been getting an increase of new eyeballs to our site. So it only makes sense to follow up with this review. The message “Rodeo” brings really hits home with the social climate we are currently living in and gave us a strong impression on the lane he is creating on a independent level. After listening to the whole project, songs like “Be a Nigga” and “Different Place” gave me goosebumps with the fusion of hard hitting beats and lyrics.  We don’t know who the other emcee is on “Be a Nigga”, but it sure is one of his stand out collabs on the album.

SS also infuses high paced club style tracks like “I’m Good”, “Do It Like That”, and “Make It Twerk”.  Club DJs finally have good music to add to their playlists to entertain their audience and should jump on the wave of heat “Year Of The slave” brings to any party.  We look forward to more visuals off the project and be sure to stay tuned with SS and follow him and his music on Spotify.

Rating: 8/10, a solid album that should be on the playlist of all real Hip Hop heads!  For everything on SS, visit his site


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