Texas Rapper Digo Gemztonez Reflects On His Adversity In Personal Project “Night Balloons” (Album Review)

As a form of art therapy to process his traumatic car wreck experience where he and his wife almost lost their lives, Denton, Texas based artist Digo Gemztonez has a lot of release off his chest with his new album “Night Balloons“. Turning pain to a creative process results in a 10-track project in collaboration with Cloak Beats, Ritchy Flo, and Platinum Producer of 2 Chainz & Eminem, Lonestarrmuzik.

Which each name of every song representing a self reflecting experience, this is probably one the most personal projects we’ve heard in a good minute. Digo Gemztonez let’s the listener step in his shoes as he reflects on life in every bar of his rhymes. We will be going in depth in 3 of the songs we feel best tells his story. The first song needs to be “Drink With My Demons” where he self reflects on all the mistakes he has done while having difficulty to trust others. Confessing his trials and tribulation through lyrics shows his high level writing skills and story telling.

“Talk To A Therapist” is a song where he is trying to heal himself by talking to a therapist with no shame. Never heard a song with so much raw emotions bottled in and released through a cohesive work of art. Knowing what he’s been through, it’s dope to see an emcee showing his vulnerable side encouraging others that it’s ok to talk about certain issues with somebody who is willing to listen.

Ending off the project in a positive note, “Light Up The Scoreboard”, we feel is the anthem for this project as he goes all in turning his negatives to positives while referencing purple and gold Lakers icons like Wilt Chamberlin and Lebron James. We definitly want to see Digo Gemztonez win after all the ups and downs. Digo also created a collection of 940 pixel art NFTs that includes “The World’s First Full-Length Album On A Singular NFT” among the pixel art NFT collectables. 

We score this project a well earned 8/10 as Digo Gemztonez pushes the limit to his creative side in his most personal piece of art to date. All the production on the project meshed with his style of rhyming so well too. For all the underground heads who want to get into some straight Hip Hop from the project, we also recommend to stream “Hope You Understand”.

We all experience pain. It is one of the few guarantees we get in this life. Like the sun that sacrifices its energy for the plants, the plants for the animals, and the animals for us. This album is time, captured in art, offered to you. This album is my life. – Digo

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