UnLearn The World – “Light Years” (Album Review)

UnLearn the World is an upcoming rapper from San Francisco, California. Since 2017, the young MC has been building up a name for himself with projects like 2017s “I Saint I Sinner I Self” and 2018s “Universes”. He has just released his brand new album titled “Light Years“. With everything stated, can this Bay Area mc create the classic he needs?

From the very beginning, “Let There Be Light” and “Everyday Struggle/Murder Proof”, introduces listeners to the type of MC World is. With intuitive flows, thought out lyricism, and a hungry delivery, it’s clear his goal was to grab the listener’s attention. “Thief In the Night” shows his ability to make hits while “Sun Don’t Chill” and “Ya Favorite Rapper’s a liar” displays his laid back and passive side. “MoonLit” and “Fun’s Over” are hard-hitting cuts that feel like modern boom-bap tracks. Stakes rise on the second half of the album as we see UnLearn pour his heart out on “Bitter Sweet” and “Dark Side”. No cuts embody these ideas more than “Work Smarter Not Harder” and “Still Learnin”. Overall, the heights on this album are phenomenal as we see a skilled mc spew his emotions out.

Sonically, there is a thought out and diverse soundtrack for UnLearn the World to rap over. From the gloomy “Let There Be Light” to the hard-hitting “Free 2 B Free”, there is something for all hip hop fans to enjoy. The blues-influenced “Bitter Sweet” paints a depressing picture for UnLearn to map his life over. Even the bangers like “I Don’t Get Mad” and “Third Eye” were crafted perfectly down to each note. “Fun’s Over” was a standout as it remixes the classic Raekwon track “Ice Cream”. I can rave about how great each instrumental is all day, but some are so mind-boggling that you truly need to hear it with your own ears to fully admire the exceptional art that has been mastered behind the boards.

In conclusion, “Light Years” is the realistic telling of a man who is merely trying to make a difference with his music. Fortunately, UnLearn The World is able to accomplish this goal as his personal and technically proficient songwriting is compelling to hip hop fans new and old. When it comes to rising artists, not many have made records better than this! If you want to stay posted on what this UnLearn The World does next, be sure to follow @unlearntheworld on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Relatability, Vulnerability

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