Var Francis – “Pay To The Order Of” EP (Review)

Var Francis releases his latest EP titled “Pay To The Order Of” including 6 memorable songs that all fans will enjoy.  His style, delivery & originality is much appreciated allowing his talent and musicianship outshines a lot of indie artist nowadays.  Another great attribute Var Francis has is his enormous confidence you can clearly here in every song.  The production of this EP is considered 100% top-notch, the beats are all BANGERS.  “Less Of A Woman” produced by SuperStar O has to my favorite track on this EP.  I was really stunned on how much I was able to relate to this song.  Being single myself I go through the same shit Var Francis goes through and it just reminded of all the HOE’s I encounter.

The EP has the opportunity to really break Var Francis into the popular music scene.  “Gorgeous” is a true anthem of a song that is honestly his signature track on this EP.  Overall Ver Francis is a huge force in the underground Hip Hop scene and he earned our respect that’s for sure!

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