Video Review: June.You.Are (New Jersey) – Ignorant Youth (Official Music Video)


Right off the bat I noticed that the visuals matched up and coincided well with the concept of the song.  June.You.Are sending strong message to all university students that having fun while in college is a true reality for anyone.  To be honest I have never seen a video like this before, dropping nothing but original visuals with original music in a heavy college party atmosphere.  Honestly one of the best college party songs I have ever heard influenced by conscious lyrics and dope beats which really deserves the title of being a “TRUE COLLEGE CLASSIC”.

The actual visual has a heavy Hip Hop flavor with the dope cuts and transitions riding the lyrics and beat on point.  At the same time the director allowed June.You.Are to really stand out amongst the pack.  I have always said that the more extras in the video the better along side knowing how to blend in the extras at the right time in a music video is even tougher.  So big shout outs to the director allowing  a song like this to adapt well in the young college scene which allows great indie artists to shine and gain more exposure……

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