Oct. 25th – GOOD MEAT MAKES GRAVY a short film by AHMAD, Production by GoonRock – Premiere Screening Party /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com

GOOD MEAT MAKES GRAVY a short film by AHMAD – Production by GoonRock (producer of LMFAO’s hits “Sexy & I Know It” & “Party Rock Anthem”) – Premiere Screening Party

In the City of Angels, a struggling musician discovers that his wealthy girlfriend has been unfaithful. With hope in his heart and nothing in his pockets, he decides to move out, chase his dreams and possibly change his life forever.

Featuring 2 original songs by AHMAD. ‘That Day” produced by GoonRock (producer of LMFAO’s global smash hits “Sexy & I Know It” & “Party Rock Anthem”) and “Thankful” produced by LA powerhouse Shane Eli.

It’s a true honor, and blessing that our host PAWZ ONE we will be interviewing AHMAD at his screening party in Los Angeles.  Having a chance to preview the short film a few days ago, its a great story line with 2 tracks that deserve the attention of the global audience. AHMAD showcases his music and film skills along side other great contributing artists in making another great hit to add to his compelling catalog of top music hits.  – UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com

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