Acito – “Revolution” (Official Video)

It’s not often that the music industry is blessed with an artist like Acito. His heart felt lyrics, distinctive voice, and an image that no other artist can display is what separates him from the rest. Most artists in today’s industry are one sided; either strictly rap or strictly conscious rap. Acito has found a way to bridge the two worlds together, creating a balance that the music industry has been missing.

Acito is a Haitian American from the streets of Miami, Florida. Acito was named after a famous Haitian musician and his father was a popular DJ in the Haitian community, so music was never something Acito had to discover, it was something that came naturally.

His father, having a legit 9-5 job, and his mom being incarcerated in the federal state penitentiary at the young age of 7, gave Acito a unique perspective on life. . Yes the fast life can bring you nice things, but also at the same time destroy your future…even knowing this, this still never stopped Acito from diving head first into the street life.
After witnessing a close friend get sentenced to prison, it brought him back to his childhood thoughts of his mother missing out on a beautiful future due to chasing the fast life. This put Acito in a space where he had to think deep about which direction to take in life. Knowing he couldn’t pursue a normal 9-5 route because of his disobedient disposition to authority.

He would soon recognize that music had always been there for him through all of his ups and downs. Now the only question is… how will Acito slip through the cracks into social media creating a buzz for himself?

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Acito - Revolution

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