Benefit – “Que Sera” (beat by Wax Tailor)

The legend himself, BENEFIT just released a fresh song titled “Que Sera”.  Lets support a true Underground Hip Hop legend who has influenced millions of people worldwide.  We appreciate his vicious comeback into the scene to take back what was once his before, the Hip Hop Crown!!!…………@UGHHBLOG

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Mr. Green sent me this incredible Wax Tailor beat. He said nobody had really rapped on it yet and suggested I spit something on it.Then my cousin Jim hit me up a few weeks later and sent me the same beat. He said he could hear my voice on it. I loved the beat so much I wrote and recorded to it.

Huge shout to Wax Tailor. He’s an amazing producer and DJ, and this beat is extremely dope.

My rhymes wake them up, they’re snoring ignoring yours
yours are as boring as four in the morning chores
I’m more into going touring exploring the foreign shores
spit thunder, performing in pouring storms
original, never conforming to boring norms
got a cheap mic and recorded in Florida dorms
and they loved me, I was supported before the swarms
of garbage emcees distorting the art form
underground under the floor in the corridors
the undeniable rap lord of the orators
I was sort of broke, too poor to afford a porsche
pulling up slamming the doors of the ford explorers
buying backwoods that we’d score at the corner stores
rest in peace rapper I’m pouring a quart of coors
on the floors outside of the doors of the source awards
on the front lines I spit a chorus before the war
rapper you’re rapping like your clitoris is sort of sore
you’re sounding like you need some sort of thesaurus or
a dictionary, your vocabulary sure is poor
study my old raps and learn metaphors galore
I’m the raw truth, the universe will endorse
I’m tapped in, to the source of enormous force
hip hop was dead they reported a dormant corpse
but Benefit lives, you were misinformed of course

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