BMG (Minnesota) – Motive (E-40 Remix) *Rough Cut*


My name is BMG, I love to spit and im from Minnesota. Rapping is more than just saying words that rhyme and flow together on a beat, I always have a meaning behind each line I rap. Im 16, turning 17 in February, and im still in high school. As of right now, im finishing up a mixtape ive been working on for awhile, Im naming It Being Myself Greatly. It will, hopefully, release on February 4th. Ive been rapping since I was 15 and it’s been an amazing experience. At first, it just started out as a hobby, didnt expect to go anywhere with it, but my tracks got more and more meaningful, and with some friends backin me up, im trying to get my name out there and see what the world thinks.

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