CAMP CAPSIZE (Nashville, TN) – One Eye Mind ///


Camp Capsize is a 23 year old MC from Nashville, TN – the proclaimed “Music City” of the USA.  He started seriously writing in mid-2007 and started performing in 2010.  Now, almost two years after his introductory album “Meetings in the Vespiary”, Capsize has released his second LP, “The Detective Cultivar” which came a week after the video for the single “One Eye Mind” dropped.  Starting in warehouses and dive bars, Camp Capsize is now taking on a larger audience (as of 7/9 he is booked to open for Souls of Mischief on 7/15) and playing in the greater TN area.  Capsize brings a dark, hazy vibe with his lyrically dense songs, usually taking on modern societal issues with what has been described by fans as a “mix of East and West coast” flow that incorporates apocalyptic themes and stream of consciousness thought processes.  He is now preparing to record his third LP “In Masks of Grey Mist” while simultaneously working with beat-smiths from all over TN to come together for a massive, collaborative EP, looking to release both in late 2013/early 2014.

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