CEE REAU (Orlando, FL) – "No Problem" /// UndergroundHipHopBLOG.com


25/m/fla – an upcoming artist from Orlando Fl, that goes by that name Cee Reau is on his way up to super stardom,his music speaks for itself also one half of the group Mr.Collabos and also the co-founder of www.southernwritten.com. Being who he is he always push himself to become a better artist/writer,with help from some underground producers such as Hippie Rockso(Nowonosous)Hartford Ct,and Bink Beatty(Black Flagg Labs)Detroit he has collaborated with to expand his music and his talent as a artist.He is a class A underdog and definitely in a league of his own,with his influence of southern music he is making a name for himself.The plan is to do what others has said what he is unable to do and that is becoming one of the greats.


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