CrimZn (Scranton, PA) – No Hand Outs (Official Music Video)


Italian, Irish, and German blood, Joseph Cipriano was born on May 21st, 1981 Ever since the age of 13 lyrical composition was a natural coping mechanism for this dysfunctional teen. Hardcore and Hip-Hop music was destined to play a major roll, serving as the soundtrack to his life were groups like Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Sick Of It All, Mobb Deep, NAS, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag and many more. The Hip-Hop, punk rock, and hardcore collision helped him develop a unique sound and style not heard in most music. A car accident in April 1997 created a monster on the mic, lifted by the Jaws of Life from the collision, over a lifeless body, broken glass, blood, and metal. Crimzn was born he came out of a coma a month later with morphine in his blood and lyrical dominance in his brain.The Doctors told crimzn he was lucky to be alive, that his friend was dead, and he might not be able to walk ever again. Although the chance was slim with some physical therapy and unbelievable determination he was walking 6 months after the accident. He has flat-lined more than a few times, victim to a car accident, and numerous drug overdoses due to a lifelong battle with addiction, crimzn is obviously here to stay.

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