GrYoT (Sweden) – "Checkered Flag" ft. VIKTOR ///

Gryot - Checkered Flag - Cover

“After a journey beginning from Togo West Africa, through Florida USA, and ending in Stockholm Sweden where he currently resides, the hip hop artist and songwriter GrYoT is back with the motivational song  “Checkered Flag”. The track results from experimenting with great lyricism lodged with melodic hooks, embodied in heavy drums and strings, a rap/pop/rock fusion with edge.  It features great vocalist Viktor Brunö who also produced it. The music video features cameos of the Swedish boxing champion Mikaela (Destiny) Lauren. The song emphasizes the fighting spirit that motivates anyone to strive no matter their humble beginnings, to accomplish their goals.  This is the first single to Gryot’s upcoming EP called Afterlife coming out later this year.”
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