INFINITIES Releases Hip-Hop Heartbreak Anthem ‘LOSTMYWAY’

Press Shot by Kollvo

INFINITES is the alter ego of Adelaide based Emo Hip-Hop artist Bianca Nilsson. 

The name INFINITIES comes from the idea of having multiple loves that will live on 

forever, for infinity. INFINITIES released their debut single ‘LMK’ at the end of February as a musical 

appetiser of what’s to come. ‘LMK’ quickly garnered traction across national and international press, community radio and Spotify, reaching over 50,000 streams since release. In March INFINITIES released their second single ‘ROVER’ alongside a stellar music video of a LGBT heartbreak directed by Jack Timberlake, ROVER quickly gained traction across multiple outlets and INFINITIES took off on Tik-Tok amassing over 100,000 views in a few weeks. 

“You know when you drop your phone in water you put it in a bag of rice to fix it? Imagine if we could put our broken hearts into a bag of rice to fix them, life would be simple.” 

An ambitious idea for a song but executed in style. What makes INFINITIES unique is the guitar you hear isn’t guitar, it’s all bass. 

“Half of LOSTMYWAY was written drunk, in the back of an uber after one of those crappy phone calls with someone you’ve ended up catching feelings for, the other half on a joke made about putting my broken heart into a bag of rice to fix it, like I did with my iPhone” 

Directed, Shot and Edit by Jack Timberlake | co-directed by Bianca Nilsson
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Artist Manager, Publicist and Independent Record Label Owner from Adelaide, South Australia.

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