Jae Markwick’s Reflection on Parental Guidance

Jae Markwick is a South Australian singer/songwriter who got his start in mid 2021 where he began writing in his spare time after a friend told him he had a good voice for singing and rapping. Jae grew up listening to the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Justin Bieber, and Guy Sebastian. Jae made connections by attending local live shows to network. In his first few releases he has clocked over 1 million streams on Spotify. Landed himself in over 10,000 playlists, including Spotify editorial “Bongo Bars”, opened for Avery Harden on his Australian tour, and supported by international and national press.

Jae’s goal is to connect with his fans personally and make music that reaches people’s hearts and helps them understand their own emotions.

The Love You Give is a poignant reflection on parental guidance and personal struggles. Set against a backdrop of heartfelt hip-hop melodies, Jae and VAF delve into their respective journeys, from navigating heartbreak to battling personal demons. With introspective lyrics and soulful vocals, the song resonates with authenticity, showcasing Jae’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Through its raw honesty and evocative storytelling, “The Love You Give” not only showcases Jae’s talent as a singer/songwriter/rapper but also fulfills his goal of creating music that touches the soul and fosters understanding of one’s own emotions.

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Artist Manager, Publicist and Independent Record Label Owner from Adelaide, South Australia.

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