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It’d probably be a lot easier if we told you what KDOH doesn’t do, but KDOH is an artist, actor, director, and editor etc.. And his journey to becoming a Super Star, has been anything but painless.

Like many kids his age, now days, KDOH wanted to be cool, keep up to date with trends, and most of all stick out to those around him. But as hard as he tried, he never got past being that kid “that was going go nowhere”, and that all he does is smoke weed and “joke” around on a microphone. He tried to get attention by making people laugh, it worked. He wrote songs for girls to get them to like him .it got their attention.!.
Upon being held back in the 6th grade, and in special education classes throughout his schooling, KDOH did not see much of a future of himself. School was never a first on his priority list. He continued to waste his time in classes being the center of attention, and getting in trouble countless times. In his mind, he wasn’t interested in anything being taught. So with no money and only a few real friends / believers, KDOH dropped out of high school in 2008.
Determined to be one of Southern, California’s hottest MCs, he borrowed a basic recording microphone from his cousin, NICKNOXX, who has been featured on songs “It’s You” “Place To Be” etc. He quickly installed Fruity Loops and MAGIX Music Maker onto his computer, and pretty much, locked himself in his den. Not only did he spend countless hours perfecting his craft, he also paid very close the careers of up and coming artists, as well as the recent, to better understand what has made them the successful Super Stars that he so badly wanted to become. As time went by he knew that his lyrics and production had been on a much higher level, if not on the same level of what he was hearing on the streets and the radio. He combined his skills with a new image [often seen wearing white tape on his glasses] and emerged from his den as a complete artist ready to take on the rap game and the ENTIRE WORLD BY STORM.
KDOH founded TRACK01PRODUCTIONS / ILLLEGIT-RECORDS to share his story, spread his message, and display his many talents, as well as the talents of many others. He has been on a long journey to hone his skills, and to get comfortable with being who he is. His music represents what has made KDOH underground successful…real music, real pain, real passion, real love for music.

Working with #sdhiphopontherise productions, Kdoh has been showing his face around San Diego and continue to get new listeners to download his music. He, has turn many artists into fans and continue to cloab with him, and expect only the best from KDOH when performing or making new mix-tapes every month.  He is ready for the next level, in his career to show not only San Diego but the world that his music cannot be denied.


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