Mickey Mike Monday (Chicago, IL) – “PRAY” prod by. M.I.C (Official Music Video)

New single “pray” produced by M.I.C // Caviar and Bass : Chapter 1 (coming soon)

Growing up in the South Side of Chicago isn’t always easy. There is always that one person that takes his experiences and set backs to create a work of art that isn’t like any other.  Mike Stevens, better known as “Mickey Mike Monday” is certainly that one person who strides to get out of the rough streets of Chicago into becoming a success story.  Born and raised near 79th and Chatham, “Mickey Mike Monday” stayed away from violence and its hardships, focusing on performing arts and expressing his creative thoughts threw music.

Influenced by music moguls Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Fabulous, Mike began his rap career in 2004 and was able to carve his own lane that is not common in the music industry.  Having the opportunity to perform his hot singles “Caviar” and “Bass” at South by Southwest, Open for lyricist Stalley in Chicago, and other major venues, the demand for his music skyrocket, which helped him prepare for a new project.

Gearing up for his first mixtape release “Mickey Monday: Chapter 1 Lunes” Mike created a movement entitled “Pray” for his fans and supporters so they can realize with all the violence occurring within the city we all should think and reflect on what’s happening. His single that connects with his movement is a catchy and energetic spin on how he feels about trap music.

“Pray” is an ongoing movement that will continue to have the streets of Chicago on their toes.


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