Musically Challenged- "Where The Heart Is" OFFICIAL VIDEO (Pasadena CA)/// Hand Picked Submission of the DAY


Their positive messages can be heard throughout the generations whether young adult or mature adult can take to listening to the flow and rhythm of Musically Challenged. The positive message rapping flow of mental awareness can be heard from SD in the song, “Wake Up,” with video depiction of environmental changes necessary to be productive individuals. The smooth jazz melodies and softer lyrics can be heard in “Minus Cool,” about the natural attraction of the opposite sex or in “Where I’m From,” scribing their hometown Pasadena, also known as Dena. Musically Challenged, conscious lyrics and rhythmic sound has captivated listeners, at the Pasadena Renaissance Festival, Pasadena Black History Parade, and a live performance on the Jaime Foxx Satellite Radio: The Foxxhole on Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio channel98.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Capri, born January 12, 1985, vocalist, started singing vocally after High School graduation, and was encouraged to explore his musical ability in a friend’s basement studio. Shortly, followed singing background for Jesse McCartney for two years including performing for Nelson Mandela’s 91st Birthday Celebration at Radio City Musical, inspired Capri to grow his artist qualities himself. Capri recognizes that “there is no better time than the present” to be an artist and that the siblings have had music in their lives from birth. Capri describes being raised in a musically talented family that remains deeply connected to church roots. Capri notes Musically Challenged is actively seeking a strong supportive, record label group to call home to support their ingenuity and independence, while fueling the vision of a Grammy Award in the future.
SD, born July 28, 1986, rapper, began on the production phases and started rapping one day when an unexpected opportunity grew out of a need for a project, and was favorable to continue with sibling Capri. SD is aware that music changes every decade, and that Musically Challenged comes with a different vibe to Hip-Hop and R&B industry and listeners, to provide a unique thread of enlightenment and cool flow of beats. SD recognizes with various artists being well-known more “celebrated” for their ground work in conscious music, with the likes of Common, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli provide a grand platform for Musically Challenged to expand, pivot, and prepare their audiences to their form of conscious knowledge music. To stay focused, SD, enlist his athletic roots by conditioning himself in the studio production by personally mixing tracks, editing video, and operational aspects of the studio remaining focused . SD notes Musically Challenged is speaking real messages to bring to mind of listeners, as well as is not geared to be rich artist but comfortable artist influencing positivity.

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