PLUNDERPHONICS (Knoxville, TN) – "Vivian In The Kitchen" [Prod. By DJ Wigs] ///

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Described as “East Tennessee’s Justice League” the Hip Hop trio Plunderphonics is set to release their debut EP entitled “Faceless” on November 5th.  The Knoxville based supergroup consists of two emcees and a deejay who craft a sound rooted in the Boom Bap tradition of Hip Hop’s golden era with a dense sonic undercurrent and head nodding lyrical prowess. Emcees Lane Shuler, J-Bush, and turntablist/beat maker DJ Wigs all hail from the recently formed Good Guy Collective and operate under a very simple mantra: the music will always be good.  Having each previously worked as solo artists with 35+ years combined experience performing in venues from Boston to Honolulu and all over the Southeast the trio bonded over a mutual love of innovative Hip-Hop and sought to provide what they felt was missing from the current musical soundscape. Honing their individual talents in cyphers, slams, clubs, and radio airwaves each member is rather accomplished in their own respect.  However, seeking to gain a clean slate with their established fans and separate themselves from their previous work the group dons masks at the beginning of their live shows so that they can begin anew or as their EP title and artwork suggests, become “Faceless”.  Their introductory offering features the production of DJ Tengu, South Carolina native Eli Colburn, and from Plunderphonics member DJ Wigs.  The production on Faceless leans heavy on soul sample chopping and crunchy drums while wordsmiths J-Bush and Lane Shuler paint a lyrical picture with riddle like metaphors and playful puns.  Equipped with the classic ideal of two turntables and a microphone Plunderphonics debut project  will resonate with traditional purists and new school freshmen alike serving up a strong initial offering by the self-described “super sonic soldiers”.


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