International (Block Alumni) – No Wheaties OFFICIAL VIDEO (Prod. Big KRIT)



Block Alumni’s members A-Oz and International have been adhering to music since a early age. Hailing from the small city of Jackson,MI, the golden era styled hip hop artist/producer duo have their fair share of life experience. This is displayed vividly in their compositions making it easier to understand their musical influences. These influences reign from artists such as Nas, The Roots, Little Brother, and Black Star.

The groups first mixtape, “For the Love of the Art”(free download here and free hard copies available) released April 25,2012, has built them a growing buzz and continues to do so with budding recognition. Other than promoting their latest mixtape Block Alumni has been doing shows, working on videos, and working on their first full length album which is currently untitled and expected to be released by the end of the year.

The pair of up and coming emcees have been making music together for around 13 years now. Starting off in early and using the lowest quality equipment, they enhanced their skills slowly but surely. Eventually after ending up going their seperate ways, International worked his way up the Colorado/Jackson battle scene while Aoz remained a local talent. Each released their own previous mixtape, International with 2009’s “The Shootaround”, and Aoz along with fellow Jackson emcee Aim dropped the hood classic “The Street Scholars” in 2005. After linking back up in their hometown, the two formed the group Block Alumni in late 2011…. and the rest is history.

 The expectations are high for the true hip-hop team looking to take it back to creativity and content in their genre. Be on the lookout for brand new mixtapes, albums, and videos from these two in very near future!!!!!! Recommended Hip Hop Groups!!!!!
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