Razor (Los Angeles, CA) – FAITH (Fully Amplified Intellect Towards Haters)

Gerald Pulliam Jr, better known by his stage name RAZOR is an American Artist. He was born and raised in Inglewood, California, to his mother Cassandra Pulliam & his late father Gerald Pulliam Sr. His passion for music began when he was seven years of age. The people around him figured if he started at that particular age, then he must have been destined for greatness. When he came across his older brother’s collection of hip-hop music, his life & focus was changed dramatically. He then began writing his own lyrics.

For his age, his lyrics contained topics & experiences that no many rappers of that time could relate to. You’ll always here about rappers talking about money, apparel, cars, girls, etc, but Gerald on the other hand, wrote about his mental maturity & what he could possibly do to further increase it. Most kids his age were only thinking about cartoons & toys, but he kept his head in his composition books. When he entered middle school, he put music on a back burner to focus on his work, but due to the bullying & distractions he dealt with, he went back to using writing lyrics as his stress reliever.

Eventually his lyrics became a bit more bold, mainly because of the anger that slowly built within him, but unlike a lot of known artists, Gerald channeled his emotions and used his anger in a more positive & demonstrative point of view. By the end of his middle school years, he entered the battle rap realm. This transition marked the moment in his life where he knew music was truly his passion. In early 2009, Gerald recorded his 1st official song “Who Is It”, with a close friend & fellow artist Andre Diamen. He then started working on more tracks, which eventually led to the release of his 1st mixtape “818’s Finest Vol.1” on November 18th of 2010.

Gerald founded his team Da Valley Boyz Entertainment (dVb ent.) in early 2010. Since then, RAZOR began making his way from COMPLETELY being in the background, to becoming a well-known Hip-Hop attribute. Throughout 2011- 2012, RAZOR has been taking the underground scene in Cali by storm, with his ability to put positive words in a more aggressive approach. By doing so, he then caught the attention of Poetic Death (CEO & Founder of Organized Threat), which led to him becoming one of the newest additions to their movement. RAZOR is an average guy, with an above average passion for music.




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