Ride INFINITIES Roller Coaster of Emotions In ‘ROVER’

INFINITES is the alter ego of Adelaide based Emo Hip-Hop artist Bianca Nilsson.

The name INFINITIES comes from the idea of having multiple loves that will live on forever, for infinity.

INFINITIES released their debut single ‘LMK’ at the end of February as a musical appetiser of what’s to come. In the first month of release LMK has surpassed 20,000 streams on Spotify and been picked up by community radio across Australia.

“I think ROVER is the most random song I have wrote, lyrically speaking.

I don’t own a Ranger Rover and I don’t partake in substance abuse but I linked ROVER back to a heartbreak I was going through when I wrote it. I was on anti-depressants at the time, which is where the ‘taking drugs just to cope’ line comes from. I ended up getting off my anti-depressant prescription because for me personally they caused more harm than good. Writing has been my best therapy yet.” – INFINITIES

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Artist Manager, Publicist and Independent Record Label Owner from Adelaide, South Australia.

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