SK (North Virginia, DMV) – Officer (Official Music Video) –

SK is a Hip Hop artist/musician/Producer/songwriter for all music Genres.  He currently resides in the Northern Virginia DMV area.  He has produced records for Shawty Lo, young buck, 2 chains, yo gotti, project pat, fat trel, and more. Rock N Roll Voodoo is his latest piece of work that embodies the rawness of Rap Music mixed with aggressive nature of Rock N Roll music. Born in the Togo and raised in Serra Leone S.k has the remarkable ability of  intertwining sounds from his African roots to  Hip Hop, Jazz and even Rock n Roll. He is brilliant at creating a sound that sounds like no other, and it is this effortless ability to create and intertwine music that makes him the artist which he is today.

Sk began his music career in 2002 at the age of 13 and since then he has released three projects. His recent Project Rock N Roll Voodoo has generated quite some buzz. Recently he was invited to the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX where he met with produces, fellow up incoming musicians and managers. He was also invited to the Lollapalooza festival as well. Along with creating and producing his own music, S.K. has also worked with a number of other artist, some of them include Pusha T, Young Buck, and other underground Hip Hop artist.

In the past eight years S.K. has acquired a very strong fan base. He has done so by not only making music, but by performing as well. S.K. has performed in a number of D.C. nightclubs some of them include; Fur, the Park, and Empire. He has also had 3 shows in the past three years.  And although these endeavors have given him a necessary fan base, he still needs a larger and broader fan base. Most of S.Ks fans are young adults between the ages of 15-27, and that is primarily due to the fact that he performs mainly in nightclubs and festivals. With this new album S.K. wants to reach a larger audience.

Though he has accomplished quite a lot in the past 8 years, S.K. is still in need of accomplishing more. With this new album S.K wants to reach a larger audience, an audience he knows will relate to his music. As state earlier S.K is known for creating eclectic music and this album signifies that. The album is not just a Hip Hop album, but it is a mix of genres and that is the main reason why he wants to acquire and draw not only a larger fan base but a diverse one as well.

Along with acquiring a larger fan base S.K also plans on grabbing the attention of local talent agencies and distributing partners as well. S.K wants to grab their attention because he is aware that these distributing partners and local talent agencies, will give him the chance to promote his work on a much large scale which will also grant the necessary exposure   required to take him to the next level.



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