Stan’ (Arlington, TX) – Tales From The Stars (prod. J Dilla)

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Stan “Tales from the Stars” (prod. by J Dilla) “illastrations.” mixtape due this month!!

[Stanton Carter] STAN’, ima Delaware native, based out of  Arlington, Texas. Coming up in Texas I started really noticing how trends & fads basically manipulated my peers’ actions. I noticed a change in myself when I switched schools my freshman year. I became anti social but more observant of human nature. Experiences in & out of school led me to use music as a type of therapy. I didn’t finally record my first song until the beginning of my senior year through soundcloud and twitter, got a lil buzz off my first few songs and it just encouraged me to keep putting out material. I’m noticing hip hop/rap listeners have gotten more lenient on rappers lyrics and often let alot of whack acts slide pass and make it through the door. Almost makes the shit seem like a free for all when in all reality not everybody should be doing the shit. I’m for certain we gotta better feel for the music. My sound is definitely laid back, with my native coast slang, something they can definitely stone out or be in  the right mind & vibe to. Being from up east my styles more hip hop, still appealing to the modern day dope crowd. I’m influenced by artists like Curren$y, Pete Rock, Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Ghostface, the list goes on but I dig rappers who got multiple styles and can flip iller beats, rather than the generic mainstream super song bullshit. Being im outta of a biased music area it makes it hard for some people to  bother listening to a dude who’s not chantin twerk that ass or making some  country dance cut. But true music ears im sure won’t sleep on me. I gotta project im working on right now called Suede, due for this spring along with the side records im already putting out every other day with my group. For now it’s the independent route, taking it one step at  time, mindful I gotta be consistent & go about things more seriously as time progresses. I’ma keep it authentic, all the way live, and most importantly, chillin.

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