Stefan Rossi Debuts 2022 With ‘Kids’

Australian-Born Italian Hip-Hop Artist Stefan Rossi has grown up balancing two sides of himself, the charismatic, loving entertainer and the fearful over thinker with anxiety. After a surreal mental episode concerned with physical health problems that didn’t exist, he finally broke. Stefan had to reflect deeply and it was then he truly knew he had to make a decision either continuing to run from his mind or take control of his life. 

Stefan grew up watching his father struggle with anxiety but decided this wasn’t the path for him. Finding constant difficulty in being present Stefan challenged every habit he’s created throughout the course of his life. Through mindfulness, gratitude and love Stefan is now a guiding light for those escaping the darkness. 

‘Kids’ is the first single from Stefan Rossi in 2022. A nostalgic story, Stefan details walking away from old friends to find a new vibrant energy. Produced by Danny Duke with a powerful instrumental, the hook could not be more prominent and perfect for this song. 

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