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Dave East was born on June 3, 1988 in New York, NY. He spent a majority of
his childhood playing basketball in the streets, both in the ghettos
of East Harlem and the Ravenswood Housing Projects in Queens. His
remarkable abilities on the court were quickly recognized, which created a
buzz that spread across NYC. East’s commitment to playing ball required a
great deal of energy and focus, yet his fascination with writing music was a
priority. Inspired by artists such as Styles P, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Max B, BIG,
and Big Pun, East kept a steady diet of music, night and day.
In the classroom, late at night when his family was asleep, and during his
free time, East would dedicate himself to composing music and mastering
his distinctive sound as an artist. However, as Dave’s reputation on the
court continued to grow, he had no choice but to put music on a brief hiatus.
By his sophomore year in high school, Dave’s family relocated to Silver
Spring, Maryland to help further his basketball career. During this
time, East balled with the likes of Kevin Durant (a big supporter ofDave’s
music) and Mike Beasley, receiving regular looks from NBA scouts.
Dave’s passion for music mirrored that of Darryl “Profit” King, an emcee at
his high school. Together these two formed a group called NFL (Never Forgot
Loyalty) and released numerous mixtapes, acquiring a solid fan base in the
DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area.
After high school, East took his talents to the University of Richmond. With
the NBA in sight, and his rap group NFL still in tact, East was a content ball
player/emcee. After a couple of years at Richmond, East transferred to
Towson University in Maryland. Still a dominant force on the basketball
court, East continued his collegiate career until reconnecting with music.
Dave’s new full time endeavor required intense discipline. East and
associates locked themselves in the studio for three solid months
accumulating music, video footage, and contacts. After this long stint in the
laboratory, East’s music caught the ears of DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar, two of
the most prestigious DJ’s in the industry. Within minutes, a dynamic
coalition was formed.
Dave East’s debut project, “Change of Plans,” was hosted by DJ Ill Will and
Rockstar. Since his initial entrance into the industry in 2010, East has
released a total of four mixtapes and is currently working on his first EP
which will be distributed by Foundation Media Group in NYC and released in
summer 2012. While Team East continues to work long hours, the next move
is unknown. Indie or Major? That seems to be the question nowadays…
Dave East’s music can be found on &

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