Submission Pick: Producer BABINE BADABING (Long Beach) – D'Evils ///


Born in Anaheim, CA as an eighty’s baby I spent no more than a couple days in Orange County. My mother and father lived in Long Beach, CA but due to my hardworking parent’s medical coverage I was born in Anaheim. As a youngster I was exposed to my parents cultures in their “Pursuit of the American Dream.” My parents both came to this country from their homelands in the late1970’s. My pops is from Managua, Nicaragua and my mother is from Guayana, Venezuela. I believe I gained my eclectic ear for music mostly because of my parents. On any given day you could hear anything from Santana to Stevie Wonder, Oscar de Leon to Earth, Wind & Fire playing off of 12″ vinyl records on a simple turntable and some big ass house speakers.
I “fell in love” with Hip-Hop circa 1986-1987. I had an older cousin that had a “Rap’s Greatest Hits” type compilation on cassette tape that featured “Make the Music” by Biz Markie, “Eric B. for President” by Eric B. & Rakim and “The Bridge” by MC Shan. I been “turnt-out” on that bitch Hip-Hop since then. The same cousin then introduced me to NWA and my life or should I say, my perspective on life has never been the same. Ever.
As a teenager I was heavily involved in sports, mainly baseball, but music never left my side. Growin up as a teenager in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop I am proud to say that I am privelged to have grown up then.
I started DJing in 1996. Instead of goin to the local house party or backyard boogie to get drunk or zooted I was DJing the function with some of my homeboys. That’s when I discovered looping, samples and scratching. By the time I graduated from Long Beach Poly High in the summer of 1999 I decided to give up on DJing because “my left hand was retarded and I could never scratch with it.” So I went and purchased my first drum machine, a Roland DR-5.
Since my early days as a producer I’ve had all types of obstacles and ups and downs as anyone else has. But life itself drives me and motivates me to do music everyday.
Now-a-days i own and work in my own studio. I built the Badabing Recording Studio with the help of good friends, time, sweat and patience. It consists of a treated vocal booth, production equipment, several recording and production softwares, vinyl records galore, a turntable and a couple keyboards.
I take pride in my music and the music of others. Regardless of however long it takes the final product is always delivered to the client’s liking. That is my reward. To know that I received the artist’s “stamp of approval” and know they will play it for all their friends and family. I like to say that I never half-ass when it comes to music. That is the BABINE BADABING! way. Sheeeeesh!!!
Real spittle comin from
-Babine “Bines” Badabing!!

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