The independent music collective Knocksteady and rapper Spliff Hemingway have joined together to release the music video for “Mr. Hemingway”, the single off of Hemingway’s upcoming collaborative project with producer Duke Westlake entitled “Water the LP”. The video, Hemingway’s first as a solo artist, marks the culmination of over a year of work on the project with Westlake. Westlake and Knocksteady, two well respected names in the Los Angeles music and independent hip hop scene as a whole, are joined by classic scratches from another LA hip hop mainstay, DJ Limegreen. The track strongly represents Hemingway’s smooth delivery and introspective lyrics as well as Westlake’s classic West Coast-style boom bap sound. The video is directed by Knocksteady in-house director Grady Shon.

The upcoming collaboration between Spliff Hemingway and Duke Westlake “Water the LP” is slated to be released in Summer 2013. The project will feature well known artists such as Agallah Don Bishop, Styliztik Jones, and DJ Limegreen.

Spliff Hemingway is a West LA native. He is a prominent face in LA hip hop and consistent performer at the most well-known independent venues. “Water the LP” will be Hemingway’s debut solo record. He is known for his smooth and steady delivery as well as the ability to deliver clever and introspective lyrics while maintaining a sound that provides for easy listening. Duke Westlake is a Los Angeles based hip hop producer. A strong presence in the independent hip hop scene, this project is his first collaboration with Spliff Hemingway.

Knocksteady is the envisioning of Los Angeles-based rapper Dumbfoundead. Their goal is to be an independent outlet for great artists and musicians, striving to preserve originality and provide success without requiring conformity. Founded in 2010, the collective maintains both heavy physical and online presence in the independent music scene, with a YouTube channel boasting over 50,000 subscribers.

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