Sunshine In Sonic Form, Say Hello To Yellow By HeyHolly

HeyHolly is the product of over a decade of friendship. Cruise was sent to the front office to show Bryce around for his first day of school in year 6 and the stars aligned.

“We have always connected and seen eye to eye with pretty much everything, music just so happens to be something we are both so passionate and in tune with.”

In August 2021 Cruise and Bryce decided to buckle down and stop making broken promises about chasing a career in music. Bryce found himself leaving a long term (5 year) relationship and was in a dark place facing a great deal of hurt and betrayal. Bryce needed a pick-me-up and Cruise was just that.

“All it took was Cruise showing me one beat with a crazy hook, he started belting out and I was spitting some bars over it and we both knew it was game on. We quickly hit up our amazing producer Jethro and the rest is history.”

HeyHolly debuted towards the end of 2021 with their single ‘RWS’ (Red Wine Season) and are quickly garnering a fanbase in the Adelaide scene. So far in 2022 HeyHolly have released 3 versatile singles and jumped on stage for a feature track with DeCoda S to give us a taste of their live infectious energy. HeyHolly are gearing up to release some songs of the summer to see the departure of 2022.

Yellow represents Sunshine, happiness and warmth and that’s exactly what music means to us, says HeyHolly.

“This is our manifestation song, a cheeky take on where we see ourselves in the future. Playing music all across the world to spread happiness and warmth”

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Artist Manager, Publicist and Independent Record Label Owner from Adelaide, South Australia.

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