Tha God Fahim Compiles 10 New Tracks & 9 Older Cuts Onto “Dump Goat II” (Album Review)

Tha God Fahim releasing his 2nd full-length LP of the month & the 22nd overall in his insanely large discography. Starting as an affiliate of Griselda Records as well as being 1/3 of the Dump Gawds alongside Mach-Hommy & Your Old Droog, we also can’t ignore the massive discography that he’s managed to build for himself, some of the standouts include Breaking Through tha Van Allen Belts & Dump Assassins. But dude had a CRAZY run in 2023 with the standouts being the Camoflauge Monk-produced Dark Shogunn Assassin, the Nature Sounds-backed Iron Bull & the Nicholas Craven-produced Dump Gawd: Shot Clock King 4, the Oh No-produced Berserko, Fahim’s last EP Dump Gawd: Rhyme Pays produced by Mike ShabbTha Supreme Hoarder of All Pristine Wealth & more recently Supreme Dump Legend: Soul Cook Saga produced by Cookin’ Soul from a few weeks ago. But as promised, Fahim’s finally unloading Dump Goat II onto Bandcamp.

“Fireball Jitsu” is a jazzy boom bap opener cooked up by DJ Tako rapping ball hard similarly to Damian Lillard whereas “Don’t Come Home” works in this incredible sample thanks to Nicholas Craven talking about being out here hustling all day by himself. “Legend Has It” hooks up these sumptuous piano chords with kicks & snares courtesy of Camoflauge Monk admitting he’s ok with criticism since he confidently has thick skin just before the groovy “Constitution Saving Throw” talks about how you barely following trends & that everything ain’t what it seems.

Moving on from there, “Tha Reflection ofSpawn” finds Craven taking the soulful boom bap route instrumentally boasting that he’s on the verge of blowing up kin to that of a hydrogen bomb leading into “S Prime One Million” hopping over these haunting organ melodies talking about his legacy surviving a lot of turmoil in the process. The vocal chops throughout “Belly of tha Beast” are pretty catchy & Fahim is on top of it passionately looking to stand on his feet, but then “Lonely Girl” is this decently dusty ass romance ballad.

“Penalty” blends some kicks & snares with a Cathedral-esque sample from Sadhugold breaking down that he learned the game through taking Ls while the self-produced “Logan’s Pain” has this cinematically climactic vibe to the beat flexing that he’s lit & asking why people be talking shit. “Stuck in My Dumpin’ Ways” brings a funkier flare making it clear he stays Dumpin’ while the cloudy/boom bap crossover “Grassroots” puts it all on his rhyme book refusing to let anything come between it.

The penultimate track “Tales of tha Forsaken” begins the last moments of the album with Camouflage Monk mixing a woodwind sample with kicks & snares reminding that it’s another day, another dollar that he makes prior to “Visions of Madness” sending off Dump Goat II by coming armed & dangerous with rhymes over a whistling boom bap instrumental that both Sadhugold & Camoflauge Monk produced together.

It should also be noted that there 9 previously released tracks on here, but the 10 new songs that the Dump Goat gives us here are pretty solid altogether although I’m still riding high from Supreme Dump Legend: Soul Cook Sagafrom the beginning of the month. The production goes from boom bap to drumless, cloud rap & jazz rap as Dump Gawd makes it clear he’s still stuck in his ways. Still more interested in the 3 upcoming projects he has with Monk, the 3 with Craven, another one with Cookin’ Soul presumably titled Supreme Dump Legend: Soul Cook Saga 2 & the self-produced one.

Score: 7/10

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