The Hoodies Drop Kid Capri-Produced Single ‘I’m Hot”

New York-based duo The Hoodies released their What Pressure Makes‘ EP earlier this year. The six-track project served as a prelude to the duo’s forthcoming full-length album Hidden Gems, produced entirely by the legendary Kid Capri. The group is comprised of brothers E-Class and Young Poppa.

Today they drop their 1st single “I’m Hot“. The track showcases the group’s impressive wordplay, sharp flows, and unrivaled ferocity over Capri’s hard-hitting production and DJ scratches. Here’s what the fellas had to say about the record:

Our new record ‘I’m Hot’ was inspired by the golden era of hip-hop. It’s 50th anniversary of hip-hop so why wouldn’t we bring back that nostalgic boom bap feel? The creation process was incredible. Kid Capri threw some mixes and scratches right there on the spot to compliment the beat, while Pop and I delivered with the witty, punchline, metaphor heavy lyrics. ‘Hidden Gems’ will be the album to restore that classic hip-hop feel back to culture. Real concepts, real lyrics, real life

– E-Class

The creative process is always easy when we’re working with Capri. As far as the inspiration goes we wanted to highlight our rapping ability and Capri’s legendary dj skills. The title for this song is self explanatory, this is a song you put on when you feeling yourself. When you’re winning

-Young Poppa

If you’re in the New York area, The Hoodies will be headlining SOB’s on November 16…Let us know what you think of their latest record in the comments!

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