The Immortals Project (East Coast) ft. El Da Sensei – On The Rise (prod. by Duplicuts)

“On The Rise” is now the second single to be released by The Immortals Project f/ El Da Sensei. Following up their most recent leak “Affirmative Action”, which raced up the college hip-hop music charts since its debut (currently 12th and climbing).

“On The Rise” is the track that helped set the tone for their upcoming album, Rogue Agents,” as its the first track that El Da Sensei & Duplicutschiseled during their recording process for the Rogue Agents album, “On The Rise” has the stark-yet-polished production that perfectly showcases El Da Sensei’s in-your-face songwriting and vocal performances. With a lively interplay based on Duplicuts’ drum arrangements which are punctuated by horn blasts and a slithering, menacing guitar riff, the track has room to breathe which allows for El’s knack of forceful rhyme execution.

The song is yet another example of this duo’s unique emcee/producer chemistry. The track even has a ‘beats-only” extended play segment after El’s final hook to give DJ’s some room to play.

“Nobody is expecting this from us. I’m like Black Jason BOURNE in this video! We’re making MOVIES!” — El Da Sensei commenting on the video for “On The Rise.”

The video was conceptualized by Duplicuts who wanted to make something memorable, but at the same time, still keep in line with the overall theme of being Rogue Agents.
The song is also now available exclusively at the Shining Shadow Music Store with retailers worldwide to follow soon

Recent interview w/ El Da Sensei:

On the Rise (Front Cover) 3 (2)

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